L’app multi-frequenze che trasforma il tuo smartphone o il tuo tablet in un economico ed innovativo ausilio uditivo

Why MobHearing is born

MobHearing is the result of a research project designed to provide a minimum cost of hearing aids to those who suffer from hearing impairment and do not want to face the cost of a professional device.

The cost of the application is justified by the lack of banner ads inside it, and no permission to access your data is required.

The MobHearing app can be used in the utmost privacy and privacy.


The decline in auditory ability, can cause work problems and social life, is a disease that must always be reported to a specialist physician, and is a common problem to many individuals and can have many causes, many of which lead to loss of capacity different hearing frequency at different frequencies.

The MobHearing app develops environmental sounds, which it detects through the microphone of the smartphone or the tablet, to help those who suffer from a decrease in hearing capacity.

MobHearing is not a medical device but a hearing aid that allows the user to improve the sound quality by choosing between FIVE amplification modes.

With the first (Flat), the incoming sound is amplified uniformly for all frequencies, cutting the background sounds. This mode can also be useful to those who have no hearing loss, but who want to be able to listen to a sound source (radio, sleeping baby, lessons, conferences, etc.) via Bluetooth, with the benefit of attenuating background noise.

The other four (Low, Medium, High and Extra) are the originality of the appliance compared to the general average low-cost acoustic devices on the market, which are limited to a uniform amplification, as they process incoming sound by adjusting different output frequencies.

By testing the five settings, everyone can find the one that best suits their needs.


Q. How to get full advantage of the APP?

For the best result, it is best to use good quality headphones, headphones, and bluetooth. Whenever possible, point the microphone of the device to the sound source and place the device in the vicinity of the device. It would be a good idea to spend a bit of time trying out various settings and getting used to changing sounds.

Q. It is possible to carry on a conversation?

Yes, but you have to be aware that voice processing takes some time (latency), so the voice of our interlocutors will always come to our ears with a slight delay. Latency also depends on the model of the device and its firmware. The use of Bluetooth over the wired earphones increases latency, but allows our interlocutor to move to another room, bringing the device with it.

Q. What about telephone calls?

 This application will stop working while you make or take a phone call.